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Vendor FAQ

What is ShopNearBuy?

It’s an on-line marketplace which allows consumers order items on-line from your shop / warehouse.
Comparable to a shopping centre “in the cloud”
It’s a new sales channel for you to sell your items on-line. If you do not currently have the ability to sell on-line this will now open the door to you selling your items on-line on a 24 x 7 basis.
The consumers will find it easier to have a single common way of placing orders across different stores.
It will be promoted across the community with a view to build awareness and that it will allow consumers to support local retailers by buying locally.
It will do for retailers what the website does for hotels and guest-houses.

Is ShopNearBuy providing retailers with a new FREE website?

YES. For any retailer who does not have a website now then ShopNearBuy will be providing a new website for each retailer at NO up-front cost.
If any retailer does have a website already but does not have any eCommerce capability (cannot sell their items on-line) then ShopNearBuy will also be providing a new eCommerce facility for each retailer at NO up-front cost.
The only amount that ShopNearBuy will charge a retailer is a per order fee on the value of your new orders placed on this website. (SEE QUESTION BELOW ON PARTICIPATION FEES). This fee covers the provision of the website with eCommerce capability, marketing & sales to drive orders to your website and on-going support with the site. There is no participating fees and no monthly or annual fees. So it’s based on a “no foal, no fee” basis where you only pay for orders received.

Does a retailer have to commit to any minimum sales amount?

NO. If, for whatever unlikely reason, the retailer does not process any orders (e.g. if the shop was closed temporarily) then no sales commission will be charged. There are no charges other than a commission on orders processed through the ShopNearBuy site.

What if I can already sell my items on-line?

That’s no problem as this sales service will represent another separate sales channel for your shop reaching consumers who may not otherwise have either located your own website or used your on-line store.

Do I need to put up all items that I currently sell onto ShopNearBuy?

That’s up to you. You can put all of your current items for sale up and available for sale or you may wish to concentrate on those items which:
(a) have the best margins for you
(b) you currently have high stock levels of
(c) are easier to pick/assemble and ready for collection faster
(d) are currently being promoted by you
(e) are more in-line with orders which require fast delivery e.g. birthday flowers, critical car parts, easy-to-prepare food
The more items you put onto ShopNearBuy the more likely you are to sell more.

Who puts up my items for sale onto ShopNearBuy ?

You the retailer include the items you wish to sell along with images , sale prices, any promotional price. You can also attach your own branding & logos for your shop to enhance the customer experience. The team at ShopNearBuy can help you with this to make it as fast as possible.

How much does it cost for me to participate in ShopNearBuy?

There is NO charge for you to create your new website and to start selling through this sales channel.
The fees charged by ShopNearBuy are calculated on the basis of a per order charge of 8% of the value of all order lines EXCLUDING any shipping charges PLUS any applicable tax. This fee covers the provision of the website with eCommerce capability, marketing & sales to drive orders to your website and on-going support with the site. There is no participating fees and no monthly or annual fees. So it’s based on a “no foal, no fee” basis where you only pay for orders received.
Separate to ShopNearBuy fees the processing of credit card payment attracts a fee of 1.4% + 25c of the total order value (including any shipping charges).

Do my customers have to pay to use ShopNearBuy?

NO. There is NO participating fee or monthly/annual fee charged to your customers (the consumers) to use ShopNearBuy. The customers will pay for the items they order from you (at your prices) with any delivery charges you decide to apply on their deliveries.

So how will consumers use ShopNearBuy?

Consumers – both registered and non-registered (once-off) – will be able to select your products to place orders. The focus of the website is to present those shops which are local to the consumer. Once they have placed their order they will be provided with a choice of delivery options e.g. same-day delivery or collection (Click & Collect) or other. Any delivery charge will be calculated based on the rules and rates decided on by you and then added to the order value. The total order value will then be charged to the consumer’s credit card. The order is then prepared by your shop and ready for either Collection by consumer or collection by the delivery company and delivered to the consumer.

Can I control the delivery charges that the consumer will pay?

Yes. You decide how much you want to charge for delivery to the consumer. This charge may be higher or lower than the amount you will be charged by the delivery company to make the delivery. Most retailers make a decision how much of the actual delivery cost payable to the carrier will be charged to the consumers.

Who pays the delivery company for the delivery cost?

You the retailer pay the selected delivery company.

What geographical area is covered?

One of the main thrusts of this site is to promote and build awareness in the broad locality of all the various retail options available locally. Consumers can therefore support local retailers by buying locally. However, there is no geographical limit on the location of consumers who can avail of this service. Therefore, a consumer who is located 3km or 30km away from your shop could place an order on your shop and then decide to either (a) collect the order themselves or (b) pay the retailer’s delivery charge.

Are there any restrictions on what can be delivered?

There are 2 broad restrictions on what can be sent in a package:
(1) Certain types of items are NOT ALLOWED e.g. illegal items (e.g. firearms), hazardous items. A full list of restricted items is available.
(2) Where the weight / size of any 1 package exceeds a legal limit to that which any one person can physically lift.

How do I get paid for the orders made through this site?

The processing of payment cards at check-out is handled using Stripe ( – internet payments service. Your payment amount (after fees have been deducted) is calculated at the time the consumer makes the purchase (at point of check-out). Payments are then auto scheduled to be made to you based on Stripe’s payout schedule and will be paid directly into the bank account specified by you during your Stripe account registration.

Who benefits from ShopNearBuy?

The retailers can benefit by:
Now having a free website with eCommerce capability which they may not have had up to now.
Having additional sales revenue driven through this new promoted sales channel.
Allowing the retailer participate in on-line ordering 24 x 7. This is becoming the leading means of buying by consumers.

The consumers benefit by:

Making it easier to locate local retailers to meet their everyday buying needs
having a single buying process across a wide range of retailers
Allowing consumers to more easily buy locally instead of buying on-line from organisations outside your area / country.

The local economy benefits by:

Increasing the overall level of buying sourced from local retailers
a more self-sufficient commercial ecosystem
having a stronger local community and allowing it function far better in the event of another Covid type challenge where travel is restricted and consumers may feel isolated.
Potentially reducing the amount of packaging paper and materials used