Buy Irish Wild Flax Oil Camelina Sativa (6 units of 500ml)
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Buy Irish Wild Flax Oil Camelina Sativa (6 units of 500ml)

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Newgrange Gold are launching the first Camelina “Wild Flax” oil into the Irish market! Camelina oil is rich in heart healthy Omega 3 it is low in Saturated fat it’s also a Natural Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory.
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Camelina Sativa is a flowering plant in the Brassicaeae Family (mustard, cabbage etc) and is usually known in English as Camelina or Wild Flax. A native to Europe it is an ancient crop that has been cultivated for at least 3,000 years.

Camelina “Wild Flax” oil is Rich in the essential Fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9. It has an exceptional amount of Omega 3 ( 38,6g/100ml or 30 times more than olive oil) and over 50% of the Fatty acids in cold Pressed Camelina “Wild Flax” oil are Polyunsaturated. This Oil has a desired 2:1 balance of omega 3 to 6.

Benefits Newgrange Gold Rapeseed & Camelina Wild FlaxOils

The oil is also very rich in natural antioxidants, such as tocopherols (vitamin E being one), making this very stable oil very resistant to oxidation and rancidity, compared to other high omega 3 oils such as Linseed and Flax.

The flavour of Newgrange Gold Irish Camelina Wild Flax Oil has been described as almond in character and to have aroma of fresh meadow grass. This special oil is excellent for salads, pasta, baking and is a very good way to increase your omega 3 intake on a daily basis.

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