Bambaw Bamboo Safety Razor
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Bambaw Bamboo Safety Razor

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Bambaw Bamboo Safety Razor

Enjoy a cleaner pretty shave with this traditional bamboo safety razor. One blade shaving enables a straight cut which is smoother for your skin and gives a closer shave.

bambaw safety razor features


The razor handle is made of bamboo. It is made from a special darker bamboo stalk that grows more slowly but is stronger than ordinary bamboo. The bamboo handle provides a firm grip, even when wet.


Brass is corrosion resistant. It is perfect for creating long-lasting safety razors because it is a strong and solid material. The brass provides a perfectly weighted balance that will help you achieve a close and smooth shave.

Be aware that brass does not originally contain nickel but may show traces of it, so be careful and test it first if you have allergies.

What is a bamboo safety razor?

The safety razor is simply the ancestor of the plastic razors we know today. It first appeared in the 17th century and was a great evolution from the straight razor. Unlike the latter, it had a guard that made it possible to shave without the help of an experienced barber. However, it was only in the 20th century that it gained widespread popularity when it first became possible to change the razor’s double-edged blade.

Is a bambaw bamboo safety razor really better than a plastic razor?

There are many reasons why a reusable razor is preferable to a cartridge razor. In addition to being a good-looking item, it is also more efficient, cheaper and better for the environment.

What you get:

  • 1x Bamboo safety razor
  • 1x Razor blade
  • 1x In-depth digital user manual

What is your bathroom waste legacy?

When you think about it, most of the products in our bathroom contain plastic, and it’ s often not truly recyclable. This is a shame because, for example, if a shampoo bottle is not disposed of properly, it can take up to 500 years to decompose. It’s even more difficult with products like disposable razors, because the blades are encased in plastic, so it’s simply not possible to recycle them.

This becomes even more problematic when you consider the number of hygiene products the average adult uses. Indeed, a person who shaves almost every day with disposable razors will use about 2400 razors in his or her lifetime.

What are the alternatives?

Fortunately, there are plenty of things we can do in our bathroom to reduce our ecological impact.

Of course, switching from a plastic razor to a bamboo safety razor is a first step since you only have to change the razor blade, which can be recycled, but there are also many other alternatives to our usual hygiene products. For example, you can use bamboo toothbrushes, solid soaps and deodorants, reusable make-up remover pads or even menstrual cups and reusable sanitary pads.


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